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Tibetan Singing Bells and Dorje
Tibetan Bells sing by use of the Singing Stick on the rim of the bell in a circular motion.  The sound is crystal clear dispelling any negative energy in your person, space or objects( Try this on your Crystals).  The size of the Bell dictates what frequency the Bell will sound: 

The Largest one sending the sound to your Root Chakra for deep grounding.

The  Middle one sending  sound to your Heart and Throat Chakras for Emotional and Communication support.

The Smallest one or Angel Bell, sending sound to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras for Etherial Alignment. 

The Tibetan Bell held in the Left Hand is inseparable from the Dorje held in the Right Hand: the two together bring one to enlightenment.  The Dorje is a Powerful Symbol and will hold the Intension of your Prayer or Meditation.

These Bells and Dorjes are available in either Antiqued Bronze or White Metal finish ...please specify your preference.


01060:  Three sizes,each comes with a Tibetan Bell, Dorje, Singing Stick and Information Sheet

Large Bell and Dorje        8.5"       $54.00
Medium Bell and Dorje    6.5"        $42.00
Small Bell and Dorje        5.5"        $28.00

Special Offer :
Set of Three Bells, Dorjes,Sticks  $115.00

Tibetan Bells

Tibetan Tingshaw or Tunche Cymbals

Tingshaw Cymbals are made of the seven precious metals, like the Singing Bowls.  The sound is like a summons.  Thus they are used to initiate and end a meditation.  Their shimmering sound is also used to align your chakras to a balance.

Tibetan Tingshaws available in either the 8 Tibetan Auspicious Symbols or Dragons....please specify preference.


01063     2.5"    $30.00

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Tibetan Singing Bowls

The Tibetan Singing Bowls are made of Seven Precious Metals...One for each of the planets

Gold: The Sun                         Silver:  The Moon
Copper:  Venus                       Iron: Mars
Tin: Jupiter                             Lead: Saturn
Mercury: Mercury

All of these metals create a sound, including harmonics, and together these sounds produce the exceptional singing sound of the bowl.  Many Singing Bowls were sacrificial dishes, common in  Tibetan Monasteries.  The fact that they have a special sound is because a gift offered in a sacrificial dish must be harmonious in every aspect.

01057 Old Hand Hammered Singing Bowls:

Two Sizes:   9"                    $175.00
                   7"                    $125.00

Old Hand Hammered Singing Bowls

01058  Beautifully Inscribed Singing Bowls:
8 Tibetan Auspicious Symbols on the outside
Eyes of Buddha/Double Dorje: one or Both on the Inside and Bottom.
Available in Black in Two Sizes: 5"       $95.00
                                                4.5"    $90.00


Tibetan Singing Bowls



Nepalese Gongs

These 12" gongs are hand selected for their true and clear tones.  They come in three styles:

The one of the Left is inscribed with beautiful spiritual designs like this  mandala.
The Middle one has a center button surrounded by inscribed spiritual design work.
The one on the Right has the mantra  "OM MANI PADME HUM", the devotional formula for "the Jewel in  the Lotus", Avalokitesvara.

1200              12" Diameter                         $175.00





Percussion Frogs

These delightful croaking frogs are hand carved in monkeypod wood in Thailand.  Because of the hollow interior, when you run the stick along the back ridges of the frog , they make a most realistic imitation of a frog's croak.  This is pure joy and causes infectious laughter for all ages.  They each sound different by their size, the Minis sounding the most like a tree frog...and they get a deeper, throatier sound as they continue to grow in size. 
In addition to fun , these frogs are also used as a percussion musical instrument in bands and in school programs.  This is best accomplished by sounding the stick under the throat of the frog in a rhythmic beat. 

1200   Percussion Frogs in the following sizes:

New Prices!! 

      Mini                    $ $8.75

    Small...............3"......$ $12.50

    Medium.........4"......$ $18.00

    Large..............5".......$ $21.75

    X-Large........7".......$ $30.00