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Ganesh, the Elephant Headed God of Wisdom and Success is the defender and remover of obstacles.  He is a son of Shiva known as the Sidhi Data or bestower of success in work.  His  elephant head has only one tusk, while the other one is broken.  It is said he broke it to write the Mahabharata to the dictation of sage Vyasa.



                      01673         Sitting Ganesh   7.5” High     $138.00     Thai Bronze

Creature Comforts, Hansville Washington



                   01668/01669   Gold /Silver Walking Buddha   26.5” Tall   Thai   $265.00

Walking Buddha

Walking Buddha


Sakyamuni Buddha, the  lion of Sakyamuni,  was born on 563 B.C. at Lumbini, western part of Nepal.  He had attained "Bodha" or knowledge after 6 years of fasting and meditation. Then he was called "Buddha"as he was the enlightened one.

                         01670   Gold/Silver Sakyamuni  Buddha “The Enlightened One”

                                              17” High                              $175.00

 The Enlightened One






                Sarasvati, described as either wife or daughter of Brahma, is a       

                Goddess of the knowledge, poetry and music.  Originally, she

                was a Goddess of the rivers and fertility, and in this role, the wife

                of Vishnu. She rides a goose, plays a vina (Indian lute), holds a

                book , the Vedas, and prayer beads.


01671   Sarasvati   17” High   $145.00   Sand Casted Bronze coated in Silver    Indonesian

Bronze Diety


01728   Sarasvati   11” High   $88.00   Sand Casted Bronze coated in Silver ..Indonesian

Bronze Statue




                                                      Durga on Nandi


           Durga , wife of Shiva, is a very powerful Goddess.  She feeds people

           and animals, but above all, she is the warlike protectress  especially

           of the Earth.  Here she is riding Nandi, the white bull.  Nandi, he

           who grants joy, can only be ridden by one who has conquered desire

           and achieved self-knowledge.


   01672   Durga on Nandi   13.5” Tall   $128.00

  Sand Casted Bronze coated in Silver...Indonesian

Bronze Sculpture


     01675   Bronze Buddha Head   21” High   $245.00   Thai

 Bronze Sculpture



01697   Sakyamuni Buddha   19” High     $295.00

                                       Thai Bronze with a slight green patina

Bronze Statue



                         Nataraja, Shiva as the king of the Cosmic Dance


The cosmic dance of Shiva as king of the dance, Nataraja, is seen a s the symbol

 of the eternal movement of the universe. The universe was set in motion

by the regular rhythm of the dance.


01698   Nataraja   21” High   $398.0  Bronze from India

 Bronze Statue


01699   Nataraja   21” High   $398.00   Bronze from India        

 Bronze Diety




                          Buddha Amitabha, The Buddha of Infinite Light 


             Amitabha Buddha in the Pose of Meditation holding the Bowl of Nectar

             representing the conquest over “samsaric aggregates”: a person still

             under the influence of karma and the delusions  of anger, attachment,

             and ignorance .


             01700   Amitabha Buddha   11” High   $198.50   Nepalese Bronze

 Bronze Statue




               01694   Pair of Bronze Deer   $600.00   Thai   Doe: 20” Tall   Buck: 22” Tall

 Bronze Statues



01106/01107  Seated Laotian Buddha: 7"   $72.00

Buddha Front View

Laotian Buddha - Front View

Buddha Rear View

Laotian Buddha - Rear View


The Kuan Yin is holding the vessel of eternal compassion and the dragon, representing the Universe, beneath is taking it in assuring that the Universe will retain the qualities of Compassion endlessly. 

01098/01099  Seated Kuan Yin: 12"    $144.00


Kuan Yin - Front View

Kuan Yin - Front View

Kuan Yin - Rear View

Kuan Yin - Rear View



              01772                   Three Elephant Head Table Base ( without glass)
                                        Sand Casted Bronze...Indonesian
                                                                     28 inches High x 18 inches  Diameter....$345.00


             01771                              Elegant Horse...Thailand
                                       18 inches High x 33 inches Long x 5 inches Wide.....$395.00